The creaking grew closer. She held her breath as tears silently fell down her face. She couldn’t escape. No matter where she went or what she did, it always found her, following her as closely as her shadow. Cradled in the corner of the closet in the darkest room, she waited for it to find her.

It had already made it up the stairs and now, so slowly it was painful, creaked its way down the hall.

She trembled.

She knew what it would do once it found her. It would consume her until it look over her life, taking her form but destroying her soul.

She fought it off for as long as she could. But it didn’t matter anymore. She had no fight left in her. So here she sat, too tired to even cry anymore.

The bedroom door opened. Thunder boomed and lightning found its way through the cracks of the thick curtain she had drawn earlier, and under the closet door. The light nearly reached her feet and she instinctively drew them closer to her body. She leaned her head back against the wall and prayed she at least wouldn’t be aware of what was happening to her, once it took her over.

The creaking stopped. Waves of panic washed over her body, the final flight or fight trying to jump start her will to live. But there was no use in letting that feeling take over now. It had failed her too many times before. She would never find freedom.

The door to the closet opened, lightening brightening up the room and highlighting what she had feared for so long but could never actually face. She finally gave in.


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