Live in the Gray

Have you ever considered that there’s no one “right” path for your life? When faced with decisions that affect our lives, we sometimes get stuck at the fork because we aren’t sure which way to go. Or at least I do. Maybe I’m one of the few instead of one of the many who stay stuck.

In one of my previous posts, Make That Mistake, I toyed with the idea that the television show How I Met Your Mother introduced to me: sometimes we should aim to make mistakes. It’s a liberating idea. We live more when we have an Open Mind, let go of the cementing control, and just DO IT.

Think of it this way:

You can feel unhappy and want to make a change, but pick the lesser, known evil: stay still because making a change could bring something so much worse.

But what’s worse than being stuck?

If you make a change and it makes life worse, MAKE ANOTHER CHANGE! 

Yes change is stressful and scary. But what’s more stressful and scary than the thought that life will always stay the same? Maybe things won’t get worse BUT THEY WILL NEVER GET BETTER, either.

I’ve been so overwhelmed trying to plan the next phase of my life that I’ve gotten myself stuck, fearing making a wrong choice, one where I’m unhappy. But things will never get better if I don’t move. I love that my dad opened up his very small space to me, giving me the opportunity to heal and save money so that I can have a more successful transition to my next phase. But I’m not happy with my jobs. I’m not happy working six days a week. I’m not happy having no time or space to myself. Even though it’s better than the unhappy marriage I endured, I don’t want to get stuck in another less than ideal situation.

I’ve decided to give myself a deadline.  By January 1st (at the latest), I will put in my two weeks’ notice.

From now until then, I will plan my move but keep an open mind to the limitless opportunities this move could bring me. In fact, I think I’m going to dedicate a part of this blog to marking my progress in this process.

Now it’s time to ask yourself, what change have you been meaning to make but don’t out of fear? Where do you need to stop thinking in black and white and starting thinking in gray?

via Discover Challenge: Open-Minded



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