Vices I’m Willing to Live With

It’s surprising how easy it is to fall into a life full of  vice after having gone through a divorce. You don’t even see yourself falling into the many traps until you take the time to reflect on your life.

Once I took the time to wonder, what do I have to work on?, I realized what vices I had succumbed to, not only during my marriage, but also after my divorce.

And as much as it hurts to accept the person I let myself turn into, it gives me hope that, because I realize where I’ve gone wrong and because I’m willing to work on myself, I might just have the chance to narrow down my long list of vices.

Of course, although I have hope, I also have fear, weakness and attachment issues- all vices I must work through first before I can start my journey back to me. Because when you’re left alone after a divorce, you come to realize that no one can hold your hand; no one can help you through your fears and weaknesses, you’re on your own. It’s tempting to attach to someone else, to lean on them, to let them to guide you through; but I’ve come to realize that I don’t want that.

I only want to lean on me.

And maybe that’s moving on to another vice: egoism or self-importance.

But if that’s the case, those are Vices I’m willing to live with.


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