Make That Mistake


After a divorce, you have to start anew. In my case, I’ve been working on transforming into the kind of person I want to be and thinking about what I want out of life versus what I don’t. During my marriage, I didn’t get to explore and experience the world like I’ve always wanted. Now that I’m alone and have nothing holding me back, I can’t seem to find the strength to go out and have an adventure.

I want to make mistakes but I’m still healing from my last one.

Yet despite the fear, I’m still drawn to this idea of making mistakes. As I consider what this means, I realize there’s a difference between making a mistake and staying with a mistake. Sometimes, it’s clear that *this* is wrong and we don’t do it, like drinking and driving. Listening to our gut say “no” is smart and it keeps us safe. Other times, we don’t really know the outcome, though we have an idea, and we have to decide if we can handle the consequences.

Hot Plate

Maybe something good will come out of the mistake; make a new friend or lover, find a place that feels like home. Or maybe nothing will and you’ll find yourself in an unhappy marriage.

Either way, it’s important to take a leap of faith, to make the mistake so that you can learn and grow. Have those experiences even though you aren’t sure you should. Just don’t let yourself get stuck; move along if the outcome harms you.


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