Partners/ Opposites

I have always loved to people watch. I love the mysteries behind strangers’ stories and I try to unravel little pieces by listening to them and trying to connect the dots between what I hear and what I see. Then, I like to make up stories about what their lives might be like. And sometimes when I people watch, I stumble upon truly precious moments.

Here, a father and child were playing on the ocean’s shore, skipping rocks. I imagine that they’re buddies; they’re partners. The son loves his dad. He loves to follow him and do what he does, but in his own way because deep down, they’re opposites.

The father is grounded and responsible while the son is wild and carefree. He guides his son toward the path he feels is right but also gives his son opportunities to guide the way because he knows that sometimes it’s important to just stop and skip rocks.

Father and Son



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