Love Locks


Love Locks at the Cliff Walk in Newport, RI

I took this picture years ago, when I went to the Cliff Walk with my ex-husband. We were married at the time we stumbled upon the love locks on this Fence and I had wished we had known to bring a lock. Now I realize that had we added our own lock, I’d probably want to go back and take it off.

These locks symbolize unbreakable love. I thought we had that. But it broke. Our love broke into so many pieces that he didn’t want to put it back together. And then I broke. Now I have to put myself back together.

I didn’t even want to put myself back together at first. And while I’m not quite ready to do that yet, I find myself wanting to, at least someday. Maybe then, I’ll find someone who wants to commit to working on an unbreakable love and marriage. Maybe then, I’ll get to share a love lock with someone to call my own.



2 thoughts on “Love Locks

  1. Your broken heart will heal. It will. It just may not feel like that for a long time. While you’re working through, don’t hesitate to reach out. Been there. :/

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