I had started a completely different post this morning. I wanted to write about how at a time when my life is so far from perfect, it’s hard not to compare my life to others. But after having my first day off in weeks (which started out pretty rough), I have a slightly different perspective.

My morning could have been defined by Murphy’s Law. I was feeling angry and stressed out despite my many efforts to relax and let things go. But then I met up with an old friend. We took a walk through the conservation land and then on the beach. While I allowed myself a little time to vent, I also reflected on my life as a whole and listened to her talk about her life and the lives of people she’s recently reconnected with from high school. Later, we met up with another old friend and her family and sat around a bonfire, talking about nothing really important. Just catching up.

And while connecting with people helped, I think the true healing came from surrounding myself with nature. The other I get, the more I realize that no matter what method of therapy I choose, I need to complement it with nature. Nature truly has magical therapeutic properties that heal and cleanse. And the more sensory experiences I can add to my nature session, the more grounded I feel. Putting my bare feet in the warm sand, breathing in the salty air, hearing the waves crash on the shore, and watching the sun slowly light the sky red as it dips into the water all changed my day and my attitude. I could let go. I could feel as though a small piece of my life was perfect, even if the rest wasn’t.


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