Five Items

If I were stuck on a deserted island, I would need these Five Items

Practical List
1) Eczema cream (an endless supply otherwise I would die of infection or lose my mind from the severe pain and itchiness)
2) knife (hunting, cutting back branches/thorns, etc)
3) drinking water (an endless supply… or a way to turn saltwater into fresh, clean drinking water)
4) survival guide (because I would just have no clue…)
5) windup flashlight (for piece of mind)

The following list contains items that I would bring if I were taking luxury items instead of necessities.

Would-Be-Nice List
1) blanket (one side waterproof, one side cozy and warm)
2) book (probably Nora Roberts or Nicholas Sparks)
3) tent (with the necessary equipment to tie it down)
4) endless supply of glasses’ cleaner (because sometimes a shirt just doesn’t work)
5) paper & a pen (to keep my sanity)





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