Random Act of Kindness- ABCs photo challenge


You Are Beautiful

I took this photo almost a year ago. It’s one of my favorite pictures- not because the photo itself is anything special but because this random act of kindness is so meaningful.

A few years ago, I had gained a lot of weight from a medication. Before this medication, I had always been thin but after taking it, no matter what I did, no matter what I ate, I continued to gain. It was tough. And although I’ve never been one of those people who think “thin is beautiful” (I have always felt beauty is within) I didn’t feel beautiful. Not because I had gone from underweight to overweight, although that wasn’t easy, but because I didn’t look like me or feel like me. It’s not easy looking in the mirror and seeing such a drastic change.  And the people in my life- coworkers and my preschool classroom- made it even harder.

In the midst of my struggle to accept this change- at least for the time being- I had to constantly endure the looks and comments of coworkers, parents, and preschoolers. Driving home after a tough day of hearing “Are you pregnant?” ,”Really, are you sure?”and getting poked in the stomach by preschoolers asking, “What’s this?” and saying “You’re fat” I noticed I needed gas. I stopped at this pump not knowing what I’d find, simply because this pump was open and my tank was practically on empty.

I looked down as I grabbed the nozzle and saw this sticker. I smiled. Whoever put this sticker here knows that everyone has something- inside or out- that makes us beautiful. They know that sometimes we need to hear it (or see it) from someone (or something) outside of our usual world. Especially when our world has nothing nice to say. I may not look like the me I know, but I still have something that makes me beautiful. And on that day, I really needed that message.

Whoever put this sticker here has touched the lives of everyone who stopped at this pump with such a simple act. Not looking for thanks or appreciation or anything other than to connect and share a message. And that makes this anonymous person truly beautiful.



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