Sunday Reflection 12/27

This week, my goal was to start a blog… and I did it! I figured out how to create a menu, organized it, and wrote a few posts. Not only that but I also responded to a prompt on another blog and communicated with others within that community.

Next week, I plan to spend some time each day using creativity as an outlet.

Here are some of the activities I would to get involved in this upcoming week:

  • Yoga- Stretch for a few poses or a short video
  • Meditation- Try gazing meditation
  • Writing- Write at least one blog post and one hand written entry
  • Reading- Read at least a few chapters
  • Crochet- Find a scarf pattern and start it

If I’m feeling really ambitious, I’d like to get ahead with my lesson planning.

How do you stay productive? Do you set goals, make lists, use a planner? Do you have a favorite yoga sequence or type of meditation to relax and unwind?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection 12/27

  1. Well your goals sound reachable and just good! I wanted to suggest you check out Adrienne Reed yoga because she has the best 20 minute sessions – she was on television for a couple years and her short and succinct sessions got me hooked – seriously -her short sessions are special and in 2013 I would just do her short sessions (a half hour episode but was not a full hurry minutes) and my body got so tone and it helped calm and all that – now I go to yoga classes (sometimes two in a row) but Adrienne Reed’s yoga for me going – just FYI – hope u have a good week – y.


    1. Thank you for your suggestion! I actually used to go to hot yoga classes when I was more in shape and I loved it. But now, I need something low key to ease back into it. I’ll have to check out Adrienne Reed. I believe I’ve watched her Ujjayi breathing videos. If it’s her I’m thinking of, I’m sure I’ll like her yoga videos. 🙂
      Hope you have a good week as well!

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