Trying to Feel Young at Heart

Lately, my biological clock has been ticking louder… and louder. Every time one of my preschoolers asks me how old I am or if I have kids, my clock bangs itself against the empty hole in my heart. I always thought I would have children by this time in my life and right now, it seems as though that may happen in a completely different decade, if at all.

Basically, I’ve been feeling old.

So this post really spoke to me. It gave me the opportunity to look “simply within” and figure out the good in growing older while not in the place that I want. Truthfully, I’m not old. I’m just shy of 27. But each year the clock sounds a little louder. I hit that age already a couple of years ago, the one where I long for children and I long to have my life at least a little figured out. Sadly, I have to keep hitting snooze because I’m no where near my goal.

And so here’s the good: I still have some time to work on “me” and become a closer version of the person I aspire to be. And a closer version of the new me will have a better chance at being the mother a child would deserve to have. Because if I’m being honest with myself, I’m not that person yet. But I’m working on it. And allowing myself not only the time but also the permission to grow and learn helps me to feel somewhat young at heart.

How often do you reflect on your life goals? Are you where you want to be?

Source: Young At Heart


5 thoughts on “Trying to Feel Young at Heart

  1. My mom had me at 27, and I had kids at 18, 20, 32 and 35. The latter ones made out better, I have to say. I was readier, then. I’d say that at 27, you have plenty of time, still. Kittens are great in the meanwhile, though — and all along the way, actually! 😉

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