List My Life

List of Things

Picture Credit: Elephant Journal

I saw the above picture yesterday and decided to make these lists. Of course, I know my anxiety and depression have made it hard for me to resume my normal life, but these lists truly made me see how much. Seeing it written down on paper made my stomach fall with the realization that I’ve let my struggle overcome my life. In the picture below, you can see it as well.

List Happy Do Final Picture

Looking for the positives- How I have made small adjustments since restarting counseling:

  • I’ve been reading more (on paper). Even though I haven’t finished a book yet (I used to read a novel within a day or two, depending on how much time I had), I’ve still made the effort to sit and hold a book and give it my attention.
  • I’ve been writing more. Again, I used to write everyday and while I’m not quite there yet, I have been writing more often (as opposed to the never that lasted a couple of years). When I told my counselor I just didn’t have the will or subject matter to write about she suggested that I try timed writing prompts. I found that I wanted to keep writing even after the timer beeped.
  • I’ve been switching from Netflix to Pandora. Every once in a while I find the strength to turn off my shows and put on something more therapeutic: music. I try having it on either in the background as I clean or prepare lesson plans or just sit and have the music be my main focus (maybe even sing a little).

As I sit here writing this, I remember how writing, reading, and music used to be a natural, everyday outlet for me. Now it feels forced, as though it’s a chore rather than a pleasure. But I know it will just take work to get me back to the creative person I once was and want to be again.

How I plan to make more small adjustments:

  • Write or read everyday (even if only for 15 minutes)
  • Keep switching to Pandora
  • Go out more in nature. Take more pictures.
  • Do some form of yoga each day (even if only for 15 minutes)

I challenge you to make and compare your own lists. How closely do the two compare? What adjustments might you want to make?




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